Thomas Campi MD, board-certified psychiatrist, as NSF Fellow, currently leads a student Digital Transformation Engineering  team at the University of California at Berkeley, assessing California’s and overall US mental health crisis needs and a plan formulation. 

$1MM Expansion Grant Sought To Integrate Media with Specialized Outpatient Mental Health Telehealth Delivery


$100,000/month Media Revenue Generating Model

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Mental Health & Wellness Now is the only media brand that brings mental health and wellness together — working as one.   

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$120MM Expansion Grant Sought -10 Dr. Teams In Perpetuity -> $0 Specialized Care To Those Needing it the Most.


HHS regulatory Action Request for CA to Amend 1915b waiver -> Raise Rates for Fee for Service (FFS) Specialists = Expand Significant $0 Delivery

Complimentary $0+ Monthly Subscription Model

Ground-breaking specialized $0 First-In & Follow-Up Check-In TelehealthTM Dr Team Outreach Social Venture- to strengthen families through talk and medications. Mental Health & Wellhess Now™ Telehealth to deliver to needing communities.
• Proven model to Philadelphia’s people – US city of highest poverty .
• California’s lowest socioeconomic peoples have Medi-Cal but no access to mental health.   
Outreach to low socioeconomic populations needing specialized care the most.

$250,000 Grant Needed for "Project Everest" Corporate Partner Development


3 out of 3 Booked Pilot Sites! Applied to NSF I-Corps for Interview Training (April 2024)

Summer 2024 Commercial Delivery, Contingent on Funding.

Fast Track Patent To Traige Patients To Care. Final Mock-Ups In Development.


Yearly Licensing Revenue

Mental Health & Wellness

Daily companion for mental health and wellness check-ins, intuitively designed with symptom triaging, stress management and reminders to keep you connected.

Check-in Telehealth™

Check-in Telehealth™ to bolster mental health & wellness under the BEARS-UC model, in the spirit of Berkeley, CA – The Berkeley Assessment for Risk and Safety Universal Check-in.

Fast-track Patented.
For licensing on the Apple watch and iPhone.

Californiacheckin.Org (April 2024)


Patients Report = Determine True↑ Wait Times

Providers' Report = Determine ↑ Visits At ↑ 1915b Waiver Rates = Need For Regulatory Action

First Measured Response Maps

California Mental Health
Wait Time Map (in days)

Live Populated Map in Development.

read article ->

Make A Social Venture Grant

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Hard dollar grants to social ventures are needed to make change. $1 in mental health yields a 4x return, WHO.

We are not a non-profit, as a band-aid solution is not a practical intervention. If you simply seeking a tax break, please grant minus your tax cost. 

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Thomas Campi MD

Thomas "Dr. Thomas" Campi MD
Editor & Founder
Board Certified Psychiatrist

• CEO, Mental Health & Wellness Now Telehealth

• National Science Foundation Digital Transformation Program Fellow UC Berkeley, Development Engineering
• Master of Public Health Candidate, UC Berkeley
• University of California at Los Angeles Kern County Child Psychiatry Fellow (1st yr)
• Einstein Jefferson Psychiatry Residency

• Middlebury College Bachelor of Arts

One More Thing

$15-20MM Grant Sought To Increase 100+ Providers Over 10 Years


Private Funding Of Fellow Positions Needed To Increase Specialized Care

Setting a Precedent of Finally a new Youth Mental Health Crisis Solution

Youth & Family psychiatrist Designation

A one year only, high intensity 4th year psychiatry training in child & adolescent psychiatry to make a stop-gap difference.  Future lobbying with the Human Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and private donors for funding.

Monies will fund candidates and make an organization for this new designation.

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