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Psychiatrist MDs & Patients Have Developed the Most Important Psychology

Doctors come from a position where we test, we make hypotheses, and we take risks. We assume that we could be wrong.

Psychiatry is art form and there is no right answer. Unfortunately, we tend to hear so much from others – as if their viewpoint cannot be wrong.

There’s only one way that Freud and his daughter Anna Freud we able to succeed – as was Dr Aaron Beck and his daughter Judith Beck. You see, the back stories need to be told. The dad’s were theorists, but their daughters applied it to real life.

There are 4 disciplines – medications, talk, activation & purpose… and they are not divided

There are four disciplines – only medications and therapy is spoke of commonly. The journey to Healing comes by addressing these four disciplines. We all are full of neurochemicals and there are evidence-based known medication targets.  In addition, there is therapy and it is commonly known that medication and therapy can work together and work faster. This is a compelling reason why psychiatrists and therapist should be advocating together. It doesn’t fit all scenarios but it could fit many more as opposed to leaning on just one. Our goals are aligned.

However there’s much more to the story than just medications and talk. There’s also activation and purpose. These are the two that you never hear about but when you think about it if we are on the go, then we benefit in terms of our mood. Also we benefit in terms of brand anxiety because we’re actively doing things, and doing them we might be invoking huffing and puffing and actually getting anxiety out. Activation actually leads to the next piece which is purpose. It’s very well documented that in the Holocaust those that were the resilient are the ones it’s kind of my mission statement as you can see

It’s Talk…not Therapy

However therapy should not be therapy and it should be called Talk. Because we do not use therapy alone, and we do not focus on using one therapy when we’re using therapy. It’s the Talk that is the relationship, and it’s Talk that can provide the healing. Talk makes the Therapeutic Alliance and it can absolutely achieve anything between doctor team and patient. So think about therapy as Talk in terms of making relationship. As they say in Star Wars there is a diad in the force and we cannot do things alone. Life is not meant to be done alone and we achieve through others. We gain insight and we can harness their talents in terms of becoming our talents and knowledge to make us more whole.

The issue Lies when a therapist makes an appointment with the patient and it’s assumed that there is an agenda. This agenda can be the making break and can be the Divide between patient and Dr. This is why I’m against therapy. If one takes the concept of talk and just talks for the sake of talk and not for therapy they can get much farther faster in any therapeutic relationship.

Gestault: the sum of the parts is equal to the whole.

We take granted the saying the sum of the parts is greater than the whole howdy what’s happening but this was actually not the German translation. Gustault looking at the parts and making it equal the whole. It’s abstract but when it’s applied it’s actually very intuitive. This means that if we can gain another 5% of Wellness from a given task we can add that 5% of Wellness from another task and another 5% and another and another. Eventually we have created a bigger whole from simple math. So 5% from a Mediterranean diet and another 5 to 10% from exercise 5 days a week and then another 5 to 10% from better sleep, and then another 5 to 10% from talking to the therapist common another 5 to 10% from taking psychiatric medication and the other 5% to 10% from activating, and then another 5% to 10% from having a purpose – yes, leads to a much greater whole. I will explain more in the next heading.

Wellness leads to Wellness

The issue of Wellness is very interesting on our minds. I’m using the term mind because the mind is a conscious State while the brain is just an anatomical structure. Wellness we can use the mind and harness it. If I ask you for example to change one habit a day, you might think what is that really going to do for me? Let’s say, it’s the thought that you’re going to go get ice cream with a friend and you already know what they like and it’s nothing what you like. That’s right, you can agree in any way that that person’s ice cream could be great in any way. It’s not what you like, it’s not yours, and in fact you might have a strong opinion against it. However, imagine you going with your friends ice cream and the ice cream that they have they are going on and on and raving about how wonderful it is. You might find it hard to accept those words, and in fact you might even want to speak against that favorite ice cream. But imagine if you said to yourself you know what, my friend is important to me and they are really enjoying that ice cream. I know this is not an ice cream I would want to taste but the fact that I ask for a lick/taste might be something totally out of the norm for me but let’s say you go ahead and do it. Believe it or not making that change where you’re actually creating a tremendous stride – you actually went forward and tried something you would never have tried before in fact you would want to speak against. The fact that you were open to try that ice cream, actually leaves you open to try the next thing. Those next things are the things that we know we need to work on. Those next things that are sometimes the hardest for us to do. Those next things we hide from every day. Those next things are the friends that we will not reach out to, it’s the family that we feel Wronged by, it’s the work that we avoid, the diet that we know we need to follow, the exercise that we need to do to prolong our life, the love that we have to show someone else, the statements that we need to make the someone else to state that we love them and make them feel loved.
As you can see, just taking that step, of the lick of the first ice cream it has led to a whole sequence of events that can lead to Wellness. So Wellness leads to Wellness. It breaks our bonds it develops Us in ways that we could never imagine. Our Lives we think are right in front of our noses and actually they’re not. We live a much bigger existence if we just reach out and take those chances. Those chances will lead to more chances and if those chances are positive they will lead to a positive life. I wish you well in your journey of Wellness.

It’s better just to call it what it is

We think we need habits but actually it’s the lifestyle that makes permanent change

It’s really quite easy what would you rather have a habit or a lifestyle. Well if the lifestyle is pretty awesome then certainly we would take the lifestyle. We don’t think about eating good foods is awesome but actually they are awesome. We don’t think about exercise is awesome but actually it is awesome. We don’t think better sleep is awesome but actually it is awesome. Making ourselves more efficient, making ourselves feel better, I’m getting up on the curb so that our mood is intact everyday and our anxiety is low and we’re doing and feeling the best that we can – is yes simply awesome. These come from a lifestyle. Yes you could argue that when you increase your habits you then can make a lifestyle.  there’s a saying that it takes 21 days to make a lifestyle and I think it takes about 40. Remember that in all the religious books there’s these references to 40 days and 40 nights in the desert. Those who know the Bible know the story well. It’s interesting that mothers who have 40 days off from maternally, is given these 40 days to bond and heal. So this 40-day point is really a point of reflection and through reflection we gain insight and with greater Insight we can do anything. For those who can afford a 40-day vacation I would say go for it. If you break down the European vacations you would state that they’re probably about yes – 40 days. Even the basis of allopathic medicine, where Allos was a Greek who advocated the city people go to the beaches to spend their time to relax and repair their nerves. We are not exactly machines but we are machines in that we need to care for our machine. We need a time of reprieve, a time to reboot, and time to reflect with insight. It’s interesting when you meet Travelers you will get statements from them that I really want to move to XYZ, and be with my family member or some other stated connection. This is when I say to myself ahah this is where great reflection comes from great vacation and travel.

This is not medical advice.
For information purposes only.


My name is ‘Dr. Thomas’ Campi. I created a model – the BEARS-UC, in the spirit of Berkeley, CA – The Berkeley Assessment for Risk and Safety Universal Check-in.


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