California Mental Health Wait Times Map

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This is the first State of California mental health wait times map where the lack of timely care, is evidenced by the historic $200mm action involving Kaiser Permanente – the largest insurer, a $4.68 billion state bond raised for the severely mentally ill and its people have been suffering, evidenced by San Joaquin County – an adjoining county to Berkeley has even launched incentive for doctors due to lack of mental health appointments, and the federal system Oxnard’s Veterans Association (VA)- has a 194-day wait for a new appointment, as of today!

A $0 First to Care Model for MediCal by a specialized mental health & Wellness Telehealth firm – will help provide a persistent stop-gap. High-visit appointment technology adjoining Telehealth will be employed to address the excessive wait times. All fall under the umbrella of a Mental Health & Wellness media brand.

Populating, Live Populated Map in Development

This map will display the hidden supply of Dr Ph.D. therapists, Board-certified psychiatrists, and fellows and residents once rates increase to the 1915b schedule, which for-profit health plans and county offices receive.

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