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Mental Health & Wellness Now combines Mental Health and wellness, with editorial, medical, & mental health reviews by a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Founder medical doctor (MD).

‘Dr. Thomas’ Campi MD, a National Science Fellow –

UC Berkeley’s Development Engineering department & finishing his Masters in Public Health post-training in child psychiatry fellowship at UCLA-Kern County.


5-Minute Courses

5 Minute Take 5 For Wellness Courses


Our Weakness is Our Greatest Strength

Take an Inventory of Positives


Remind Yourself to Have Fun

“Don’t Grow up..It’s a Trap.” The Catcher in the Rye


Hire Someone To Remind You to Have Fun

Wellness Leads to Wellness

Do Things for Yourself

Everything We Learned in Kindergarten

It’s OK to Complain & Vent… But After, Plan then Act

Call It What It is…

Invest in Yourself

The Rest of the World Doesn’t Know Either

Life isn’t Done Alone – Reach Out

Change it up

Stay in the Middle

Take The Lick

Don’t Take the Bait


Trauma Causes Running From Others and Yourself

If You Hide from your Doctor, You’re Hiding from Yourself

Accept Others So You Can Accept Yourself More

If You Accept Yourself More, You Will Love Yourself More

Forget Hate, Reframe it as Fear

Stay out of the Rabbit Hole

Make Lemonade Out of Limes

Column #1: You Do You

Column #2: Find Your people

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