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Mental Health & Wellness Now is the only media brand that combines Mental Health and wellness, with editorial, medical, & mental health reviews by a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Founder medical doctor (MD).

‘Dr. Thomas’ Campi MD, a National Science Fellow at UC Berkeley’s prestigious Development Engineering department, is completing his Masters in Public Health also at UC Berkeley, post-training in child & adolescent psychiatry fellowship at UCLA-Kern County.

Our Weakness is Our Greatest Strength

Take an Inventory of Positives

Remind Yourself to Have Fun

“Don’t Grow up..It’s a Trap.” The Catcher in the Rye

Hire Someone To Remind You to Have Fun

Everything We Learned in Kindergarten

It’s OK to Complain & Vent… But After, Plan then Act

Invest in Yourself

The Rest of the World Doesn’t Know Either

Life isn’t Done Alone – Reach Out

Change it up

Stay in the Middle

Accept Others

Trust is a Two-Way Street

Accept You

Forget Hate, Reframe it as Fear

Stay out of the Rabbit Hole

Make Lemonade Out of Limes

Take The Lick

Don’t Take the Bait

Column #1: You Do You

Column #2: Find Your people

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